Dutch Design
Week 2019
Life is Puzzling was on show at the Design Academy Eindhoven’s 2019 Graduation show.

The project is a reflection on instant gratification, the value of information and our increasing reliance on the internet for our information needs.

Life is Puzzling is collection of informative jigsaw puzzles which visualise the answers to some of the most frequently Googled questions. The internet is the first place that many people turn to for discovering answers to their queries - the task can be achieved in seconds. In contrast, jigsaw puzzles are objects which require time and encourage focus. It could be argued that we are becoming too reliant on Google; it’s easy to forget what we learn there and ask the same questions repeatedly.

These puzzles create a situation where the user(s) needs to invest time to explore the answer to their question, leading to a rewarding and potentially social experience that contrasts with the often solitary, instant gratification provided by technology.

They are not commercially available yet, but if you would like to receive updates about them please send me an email at tdbscp@gmail.com
Image © Design Academy Eindhoven, Photographer: Nicole Marnati